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Latest Tattoo Comments

Love this

Stacey TarwaterWebber Stacey TarwaterWebber 20. May, 2013 |

Don't know why but this tattoo just looks H.O.T.

Juan Diego Juan Diego 20. September, 2012 |

One of my favorite cartoons! Oh Donald... I miss our days :)

Juan Diego Juan Diego 20. September, 2012 |

That's a great tattoo and the way the photo was taken makes it look even better.

= )

Juan Diego Juan Diego 20. September, 2012 |

Not my favorite type of design I would get but I like that's original.

Juan Diego Juan Diego 20. September, 2012 |

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    Itching To Get Inked?

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    NeedleAddicted.com Official Launch

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