Tuesday, 21 February 2017 14:00

Dotwork horse by David Hale

Incredible detail on this dotwork tattoo :)

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Monday, 20 February 2017 11:00

Magical keys by Robert Borbas

Awesome tattoo concept... but the keys to what? :)

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Sunday, 19 February 2017 19:25

3D cubist tattoo by Gregorio Marangoni

This 3D cubist tattoo is sick!

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Sunday, 19 February 2017 14:00

Solar star by Fabio Sciascia

Great idea for an upper back tattoo! :)

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Saturday, 18 February 2017 19:25

Massive mandala sun by Zac Scheinbaum

Impressive dotwork and mandala tattoo :)

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Saturday, 18 February 2017 18:55

geometric dotwork by Yaroslav Gorbunov

Love the combination of styles on this one! :)

Published in Dotwork (Pointillism)
Friday, 17 February 2017 14:00

Floral dotwork by Garcia Leonam

Dotwork floral leg tattoos.

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Thursday, 16 February 2017 14:00

Geometric dotwork by Corey Divine

What a Bad Ass tattoo :)

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017 11:00

Dotwork mandala star by Fabio Sciascia

This tattoo screams attention to detail! :)

Published in Dotwork (Pointillism)
Monday, 13 February 2017 18:55

Pirate ship by Miguel Angel

WOW! What an awesome tattoo! We LOVE this one.

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