Friday, 03 March 2017 17:41

Nymph by Jin O

Nymph, a mythological spirit of nature :)

Published in Spiritual & Mythology
Friday, 03 March 2017 17:31

Awesome fauna sleeve by Johan Finne

Sleeves are always a GREAT to go for getting a tattoo.

Published in Fauna
Friday, 14 April 2017 14:00

Biker tiger by Myke Chambers

Bikes for life! :)

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What do you think?

Published in Watercolor
Sunday, 08 January 2017 14:00

Shere Khan by Tanane Whitfield

Shere Khan from Jungle Book!

Published in Entertainment
Thursday, 20 October 2016 18:55

Tiger by Tanane Whitfield

Tattoo artist Tanane Whitfield :)

Published in Fauna
Sunday, 28 August 2016 11:00

Tiger, snake and eagle by Adam Machin

WOW! What a bad ass tattoo!

Published in Miscellaneous
Saturday, 27 August 2016 18:55

Tiger by Robert Bonhomme

Robert working on a tiger tattoo...

Published in Tattoo Artists
Thursday, 23 June 2016 12:00

Dotwork with cubism tiger by Kristi Walls

We're obviously posting this because the tattoo looks great. Ink by Kristi Walls.

Published in Dotwork (Pointillism)