Thursday, 13 April 2017 21:47

Crescent moon by Andrew Marsh

Awesome! :)

Published in Symbols
Wednesday, 19 April 2017 18:55

Trippy face by Andrew Marsh

What a COOL trippy face tattoo!

Published in Fantasy
Wednesday, 01 March 2017 11:00

Millennium Falcon by Andrew Marsh

A Millennium Falcon tattoo!? Hell Yeah! :)

Published in Entertainment
Wednesday, 08 February 2017 14:00

Aries horoscope sign? By Andrew Marsh

Aries sign?

Published in Symbols
Thursday, 12 January 2017 14:00

Multicolor skull by Andrew Marsh

Awesome multicolor and dotwork combo :)

Published in Miscellaneous
Thursday, 15 December 2016 18:55

Abstract cubist fox by Andrew Marsh

Really cool cubist and abstract combo!

Published in Cubist & Geometric
Sunday, 04 December 2016 14:00

Colorful sleeve by Andrew Marsh

This gotta be one of the coolest sleeves we've seen! :)

Published in Cubist & Geometric
Thursday, 10 November 2016 14:00

Cubist rose by Andrew Marsh

Approve or disapprove?

Published in Flora
Thursday, 06 October 2016 14:00

Cubist style deer by Andrew Marsh

Looks like a cosmic deer to us. Your thoughts?

Published in Fauna
Sunday, 14 August 2016 12:00

Multicolor sleeve by Andrew Marsh

What an amazing multicolor sleeve!!!

Published in Miscellaneous
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