Tuesday, 04 April 2017 18:55

Spider web by Shaun Topper

SICK idea for a knee tattoo!

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Friday, 24 March 2017 19:25

Zelda Skulltula by Mike Moses

Skulltula from Zelda!

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017 19:25

Massive spider by Mark Tumaru

Damn! One hell of a tattoo!

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Tuesday, 13 December 2016 19:25

Spiderweb skull by Eliot Kohek

Nobody does skulls like Eliot Kohek :)

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Wednesday, 02 November 2016 19:25

Skull & spider by Dmitry Vision

Why the obsession with skulls and spiders? :)

Published in Symbols
Saturday, 23 July 2016 12:00

Ink every where by Regino Gonzales

Sick neck tattoo!

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